The couple had gone for a Valentine's Day romantic dinner. The young girl was feeling a bit insecure in the relationship. The initial spark had faded. They were dating each other for 18 months now. Suddenly, she felt her boyfriend did not feel the depth of feelings for her. So during the long dinner over 2 hours they talked on many topics. When each topic was being discussed, the sensitive girl heard each word of her lover with utmost care. She was trying to gauge in each word, whether the man whom she dreamt about as her dream lover, really loved her with the same depth. She never felt so emotionally vulnerable. She wanted her man badly, but the insecurities were killing her. Every word, every movement of her man was being analysed in depth. It seemed the relationship had become an acid test for the man, it was a test of his love. The fun had gone, now the fun had converted to a test. The girl knew she was to blame for this because she said to herself, "I read too much into this".

Human behaviour is very funny, strange, and unpredictable. The person himself often can't predict how he will react in different situations. When the person himself accepts the unpredictability of his behaviour, then it is virtually impossible to predict the behaviour of someone else ? Human behaviour is like the weather, it's tough to predict with accuracy.

We often have a dying urge to predict human behaviour and analyse every aspect of human action. We want to know the thought behind the action. The intention is very important to us. But the intention is always a secret. How happy we would all be if we were comfortable in ourselves to let secrets remain secrets ! But we create our unhappiness. We act like a caterpillar eating into plants. Our minds are constantly analysing actions. We make the mistake of over analysing. The reason we are doing this is to protect our delicate ego. We are desperate to know the intention, because only through the intention we will know whether our ego has been punctured. By reading the intention, we know what the other person thinks about us. Our ego makes us emotionally vulnerable. Had we allowed a lessening of our ego, the intention would not matter that much ! A little more of humility, modesty, and simplicity will make us less sensitive to the intentional hurt which we may imagine or feel. We never gave great value to ourselves, so how does it matter if someone intended to destroy our value ? When that happens you will stop saying, "I read too much into it".

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