I Was Talking To A Soul

I was enjoying sitting in the shade, next to the swimming pool. There was a blissful tranquility within me. At that moment, I felt complete, I felt fulfilled. I smelt the heavenly fragrance. Suddenly, there was an interruption. The waiter came and asked, "sir, can I get something for you ?". In that accomplished state, I looked at him with a soulful smile and said in a voice of deep compassion, "today I will not tell you, today you will get for me, today I have transferred my trust to you". In this moment of pure bliss, I was not talking to my waiter, I was talking to a soul.

To talk to a soul is an enlightening experience. But for that you will first need to feel your own soul. Only when you can enter your depth, and feel it, you will be able to move outwards. The starting point is inward, the destination outward.

Everything in the world starts with you, not with others. Do not wait for lady luck to shine on you, create it yourself. Your future destiny is your present karma, you create it, no one else. Man is the master of his own destiny, he creates his future, God only provides the vehicle, nothing else. Over your own actions, even God is fully powerless. Your freedom is total. So will be your accountability. Your virtues will be credited, your vices debited. It's all so perfect in God's (Dr.Perfect Accountant) kingdom.

So, if you want to enjoy the celestial soul talk in this physical sphere, it's easily possible. But for that you will have to drop your humanity. You will have to cease being a human. You will have to think you are a spirit. A spirit who is a wanderer on this earth, and has meaningless, soulful conversations with other spirits. A soulful talk has no meaning, it only has a feeling. Because there is no end goal to be achieved with that talk. It's a mere exchange and transmission of pure, divine love. When your life becomes meaningless, and love becomes the dress of your soul, your human interactions reach their highest level - you start talking to souls.