When noise is there, we listen to it. It is one of the main sensual faculties. The ability to listen is one of the sources which allows us to function with greater intelligence. But if the noise is too much, over time it causes deafness.

In life, there are too many things we handle. A juggler can juggle 7 balls without them falling down. After he performs his great act of skill, we clap for him. But are we as skillful as jugglers in handling the stress of life's tricky balls ? There are too many things happening, each demanding a special skill. There is too much noise. It's painful. Being deaf for sometime would be so much of a relief.

We land ourselves in a hole sometimes. We try and do too much. More than we can handle. Instead of trying to juggle 7 balls, how about a relaxing pace of 1 or 2 balls ? It matters not how many lives you touch but it also matters how deeply you touch them. Depth is greater than breadth. Depth gives inner peace. Breadth creates noise. When you realize this wisdom, you will say to yourself every night, "I wish I was deaf to noise".

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