Identity Crisis

The whirlpool was sucking the entire water in the middle. It was scary, frightening. It had so much energy. The energy of destruction. Sometimes, our mind starts acting like a whirlpool. It's entire creativity is sucked into the centre, all the thoughts suddenly become destructive. Science may not have been fully able to predict the origins of a whirlpool, but the origins of a destructive mind are clearly written on the wall for mental health experts.

A mind is made up of thoughts. Our thoughts can be programmed with the right emotional mix to ensure positivity. A skilled expert on the mind knows just how to think positively most of the time. He becomes the master of his thoughts. The thoughts obeys, he commands.

But just the opposite happens in a whirlpool mind. The thoughts become the master, the human being becomes their servant. A servant has no control. He is powerless, he cannot direct. He is a recipient to the way his thoughts make him feel. In a depressive mindset, the thoughts rob you of your identity, and existence. Your energy gets sucked. Fear makes you lifeless. You are a body without a soul. Your spirit is buried before death. This is depression.

Depression strips you of the clothing of your individuality, impulsiveness, innocence, and interests. When you stand naked without the 4 I's, you lose your basic I, your identity. Identity should not be mistaken for pride, it stands for our beliefs, values, aspirations, and actions. To have an identity is a positive driving force. To lose it, is to lose the basic meaning of what to strive for in life. When there is nothing to strive for, there is no identity to live for, life starts departing.

We need to understand a very important point here, the point being how to stand and strive for your positive identity without being engulfed by the constant fear of losing it. When there is deep attachment to your identity, it turns into self obsession and ego. Where ego exists, fear exists. Because ego cannot lose, and there will always be fear of losing something. This is the balancing act of a skilled master. He understands his need of identity to maintain his positivity without becoming obsessed with the fear of losing it. When you cross too much of the line either way, you enter depression. Identity helps you grow, obsession with identity destructs. To understand how to maneuver your thoughts so that you stay in the middle will prevent an identity crisis.