Love cannot be seen. To be seen, it needs to be expressed. Expressed either through words or actions. There is nothing like silent love. Because it can't be felt. If you love, you need to express it, show it.

Love is like a gift wrapped present. Only if you unwrap it, you can see the gift. Only when that love from the heart comes out, you can feel it.

Don't hide your love. If you love me, show you love me.

Often we fear rejection, so we don't express. But only after expression is rejection possible. So express without fear. Be prepared for rejection, let it not poke you. There is nothing wrong in loving someone and expressing it. But if your love is not valued, walk away with grace, not anger. Those who don't value your love don't deserve your value.

The start of love is in expression. If you love me, show you love me.

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