Life is a blessing. But to enjoy this blessing, you need to feel gratitude. To feel gratitude, you need contentment. You need to experience inner peace to feel content, and grateful. Your attitude is not about complaints, but about gratitude. You can choose to see the dark cloud, or the silver lining in it. The choice is yours. Inhale gratitude.

Love is the source of all origin, and all power in the world. The divine love comes from the creator who cares for his creation. After that there are many different forms of love. Each form of love is pure. Because it has 2 qualities - to give fully, and to care fully. You may have a bath maybe only once a day or twice. But make your entire life a bath of love. Exhale love.

Gratitude and love are inter-connected. The air which goes from the same nose also comes out from the same nose. When gratitude is inhaled, you feel happy and content inside, only then can you exhale love. Otherwise, it will just not be possible. Inhale gratitude, exhale love.