People say if they become spiritual, they look inwards, then they may neglect their family, and friends. To avoid this situation, some people even say that they would need permission from their family to become spiritual. They say that their inward journey needs permission.

What is an inward journey ? It is a path where you introspective, and evaluate the direction, and actions of your life. This introspection gives results. It tells you what you seek the most and what satisfies you the most. Do you need permission from anyone to introspect ?

What is the result of this introspection ? The path of each introspection maybe different. But it is amazing to find that nearly all paths lead to the same goal in this inward journey. The goal is peace, joy, and happiness. We humans all want the same thing. Please bear in mind, this is the goal of the inward journey, not the outward journey.

When the goals are the same, you need to develop tools and techniques that suit your personality to reach the destination. It's a process which cannot be ignored. Because the destination is too precious to ignore.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Hence, inward journey needs no permission.

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