Irrelevant Ambitions

He was wanting to set up a mobile retail store. He was working towards collecting finances for the same for the last 1 year. He wanted success. It was his ambition. It had deep relevance in his life. In fact, he worked with single minded devotion towards this. It was his life, his breath.

Our ambitions drive us. We revolve around them. If we realise them, we have our chin up or else we feel our back against the wall. It seems our ambitions define who we are. It defines how we feel about ourselves. It manifests in our self-worth. If we achieve them, we feel a higher self-worth. We have taken a conscious decision to make our ambitions the most relevant parts of our lives.

This deep relevance of our ambitions is a mind trap. A trap where we live with the burden of worry about reaching our goal. We are obsessed with our goal, and suddenly we stop living. We don't enjoy the journey. We stop having fun in the challenge. The joy of the present goes. We lose our innocence. The music in our words, the dance in our steps is murdered. We have become a slave to our ambitions.

Ambition is not bad. But obsession with ambition is bad. Obsession is weakness. The object of your obsession is all you see. Insecurity grips you at losing your obsession. You become a very weak person. You are a victim of the burden of your goals. You could have chosen a different perspective. You could nurture the very same ambitions, but could have made sure they are not central to your happiness. Because human happiness depends on human values, positivity, and detachment. You have to continue to attach yourself to your ambitions, but you have to detach your happiness as being part of it. When the achievement of happiness becomes the most important thing in your life, you will discover within yourself that your ambitions though existing are irrelevant. This is seen through the prism of wisdom where the irrelevant ambitions don't define your heartbeat.