It Is Better Not To Comment

Often we sit in the chair of judgement. To be fair in judgement is a challenge. It needs depth to understand the background of the case. It needs an unbiased mind. Judges are often accused of prejudice. It's natural. The prism of view of every individual is different. Then how can the judgement possibly be the same ?

The other point we must note is whether actually we have a right to judge. Do we have a moral right to judge the action of others ? A call girl may consider her profession as an act of love, or maybe an act of selfless service to feed her family. We have no moral right to judge because we can never fully understand the other person's viewpoint. We are not living in his shoes. Also, to judge others is somewhat irrelevant to our existence. We are governed by our conscience. Our conscience guides our actions. If we are comfortable with our conscience and actions, why should the actions of others disturb us too much ? If you feel someone is doing wrong, have faith in universal justice. This justice will ensure his conscience will prick.

We are ourselves to blame for the social, and emotional turmoil in the world. Our mind plays devil, our heart becomes very small. It's not able to withstand divergent views, and actions. How can it be possible ? The heart is so small, only your thought will fit ? Only big hearts can accept, respect all thoughts. They don't get disturbed easily because the framework of their vision is large. They don't cause society to go into turmoil through their activism, and intolerance. This world would be so much a better place when we allow the others to enjoy their own peace in their own way. For this to happen, it is better not to judge. It is better not to comment.

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