Injustice is the way of life. Often those in power oppress those who are weak. They use their power to exercise their will. They wish to retain their power. Through injustice power gets further monopolised. Through justice, society gets equalised. Justice is much needed for the poor, but in the name of this same justice the rich corrupt its meaning. Injustice helps the retention of power through fear.

Injustice at a society level, needs a social movement to fight it. It requires the awakening and mobilisation of the oppressed. Social justice protects the rights who have very little ownership in this world. The fight against social injustice needs clever political manoevering and outsmarting the power citadels of the unjust rich.

But there is another kind of injustice. This is injustice at a personal level. It has no bearing on society. It is the injustice done by one man to another man in a personal relationship. It's the injustice parents may sometimes do when having preference of 1 child over another. It's the injustice a son may do to his elderly parents by ill-treating them. It's the injustice a friend may do to another friend by breaking his trust and back-biting about him. Personal injustice is more painful than societal injustice. In societal injustice, you resign yourself to your fate. In personal injustice, your feelings suffer deep hurt. Revenge is only natural. Forgiveness is divine, not human, hence as a human we can't forgive. Personal injustice puts a deep hole in our ego. We need to teach the other person a lesson, and the only way is to take revenge.

However, there is a way out of this situation. You simply need to remember the following 7 lessons :

* my life will shortly end

* so I have no ego to protect

* injustice done on me is not my fault

* it is the human fault of the other person

* it's not possible to teach a faulty character person a lesson by revenge

* revenge puts my entire mind-frame into a negative spiral

* I am blessed with divinity, hence I forgive, move ahead, and express gratitude for life

As this thought process gets programmed in our sub-conscious, we tell ourselves, "it is easy to live with injustice".

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