The car moved swiftly across the highway. The destination was still 4 hours away. Suddenly, the straight road started becoming curvy. The road curved sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left. These were the bends on the road on the way to the destination. They were bends, but not the end.

Life is also somewhat a bit like a road. Sometimes, things appear straight and smooth. When they are smooth, we feel safe, there is certainty. We see straight ahead, into the distance, and right through ahead we see no obstacle. But then at times the road becomes snake like. There are turns. As we approach these turns, we see blind spots, our vision ahead is zero, we feel uncertain and threatened, and we leave our fate to the one above. A bend on the road makes us slow down. As we feel insecure, we retreat to safety first. We need to protect our domain, we don't want to crash in the car of the rat race, so we slow down to not lose our territory.

Bends are part of everyone's life, no one is exempt. We are all threatened with failure, disrepute, hurt, and insult. Sometimes, there is a threat to our career, at other times to our social status, and at other times relationships. The only constant on the road of life is the bends. Each bend tests your resolve, will power, values, and integrity. You are being tested. The test could crumble you, or strengthen your body with nerves of steel. It's a battle of your mental strength. The battle is for you to win or lose, because you are playing the battle only against yourself in your mind. Every bend may appear dangerous, and often may seem like the end. With the skill of a race driver, you need to negotiate these bends, because it is only a bend, not the end.

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