Family or career. Fun or play. Being serious or being funny. Speed or calmness. Aggression or passivity. Giving or receiving. Working hard or partying harder. Talking more or preferring silence. It's all about a choice. Choices between extremes, somewhere in the middle. The mid-point balances the extremes. It's a delicate balance.

Life forces us constantly to make choices. Choices which often stress us and put us in distress. Making the choice itself is unnerving, because we often ourselves don't know what we want for ourselves. We are constantly re-evaluating our goals, both internal and external. When our vision for ourself keeps moving like a ping-pong ball, then how can we be sure what we want, and the method to achieve the same ? The constant change and fluidity in our thoughts subjects our mental state to severe tests. Our ambitions, attitudes, aspirations, and attractions are being put to test. In all these tests, the choice we make will often determine our mental balance.

We often admire people who are well balanced in their views and behaviour. Anything extreme is either deeply feared or scorned as they carry the seeds of human discord. Balance always wins. Extremism is often relegated to the backyard. Extremism stands out bright, but as a sore point. Balanced perspectives don't receive the limelight, but have the silent backing of the majority.

It is often tempting to be extreme, make some outlandish statements, or behave in a strange, funny, or aggressive manner. To be able to control the temptation to show off, while at the same time be content in leading a balanced life, balancing many contrary forces, is itself the art of a skilful artiste. In moderation lies contentment. In contentment lies moderation. Both are 2 arms of the same body. To ensure both arms move in harmony, itself is a delicate balance.

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