Heaven is in the mind. The devil is in the mind. Circumstances can drive your mind. But you can drive it too. Circumstances are external, you are internal. The mind is a see-saw of control between the external and internal. Are you being driven or are you the driver ? When a car is being, only the driver can control it. No one else. Are you the driver or a mere passenger ? Do you feel in control of your thoughts or a victim ? It's all in the mind.

There are many games being played in the mind. Games which test our values. Some test our patience. Some games come in the form of temptations. It's so tricky. We need to understand these games very carefully. On one side, we are part of them. On the other side, we are an observer - we are watching from the sidelines as these games get played. We are a participant as well as an observer. As a participant, we need to respond well. As an observer, we must learn lessons from our observations and feed the right input to the participant. It is all happening in the mind.

The mind is an ocean of currents. If you can't swim, you drown in the deep sea of anxiety, and depression.

The mind needs to be an intelligent student. It's observations need to give it wisdom. It needs to enjoy the affectionate gentleness of humanity. It's only when hearts touch the magic of intimacy, the mind comes to a stop. There are no games being played in the mind anymore. The heart has taken over. There are only feelings. There is no intellectual competition. When the heart becomes master, the mind finds peace. Because the mind was only a servant. And in the large vastness of the heart, the mind feels calm. Now, there is nothing in the mind. It's all in the heart.

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