His pain was deep. He wondered how long he would suffer. He was in bed due to slip disc for a month. He could not bear it anymore. He prayed for a change. It's called tomorrow.

The family could barely manage 1 meal a day. Their earnings were meagre. Their suffering was deep. They prayed for a better future. It's called tomorrow.

When the pain, and misery is too great, only tomorrow can bring relief. Today is hopeless. Tomorrow carries hope. We all hope for a better future. But that better thing should only be linked to pain, and suffering. Because we need to live free of physical and material pain. Otherwise life is a living hell. However, most of us don't have to endure this pain. Their tomorrow consists of dreams and desires of comfort, and luxury. Even this is a tomorrow. It is a tomorrow whose peace is not felt today. The suffering is now mental. It's called tomorrow.

Tomorrow gives us hope. But to many it is clothed with the poison of desire. To be able to recognise the fatal friendship desire is making with us is called wisdom. When wisdom lives in the present, tomorrow is forgotten. To forget tomorrow, is to forget your desires. It's called tomorrowless.

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