He sat in a lovely car. But you had to travel by auto. You wished you could own a car. You felt jealous he had one, and you had none.

She was very pretty. When she would enter a party, men would start looking at her. But you were born with average looks. You felt jealous what she had, you did not.

Jealousy happens when you wish to covet, and want to own, and possess what is not your own. You feel something lacking in you. So, you are jealous of the person having it.

The vanity of jealousy cannot be ever satisfied. Because today jealousy has 1 object, tomorrow it will have another.

Jealousy destroys your inner peace. You do not enjoy contentment. You are not happy, grateful at what you have. You seek it elsewhere. Jealousy and discontentment go hand in hand.

Jealousy has its seeds in a lack of gratitude. When one is not grateful, then there is discontentment. And from this grows the poisonous tree of jealousy.

It's normal for jealous people to gossip. They try and bring down their objects of jealousy. What they can't own, they bring down through gossip!

Jealousy combines itself with other bad qualities too. Anger is often a result. Greed is normal.

We have to look within ourselves. When we suddenly find we are feeling jealous, we need to use our intelligence to destroy it. A prayer of gratitude for who you are, and what you have is the best way to handle it. If jealousy is not destroyed, it has the killing power to destroy you.