Joy is the ultimate state. A state where there is no worry, or tension. You don't have a care in the world. Because you are free. You are free because you are in bliss at the present moment. This bliss gives you freedom. It gives you an opportunity to experience virgin love.

Do you remember the 1st time in your life you fell in romantic love ? You can never forget that. Because the 1st love is always the most exciting, and significant. It has never happened before. You suddenly feel you are in heaven. You don't have any previous bad memories to create a doubt. You jump into it with full passion. This happens in virgin love. It is the most thrilling experience of your life.

There is only 1 other thing which can match the spell bound memory of virgin love. It is joy. Joy in simple terms means happiness. Joy ensures that you have reached the summit of emotions at the present moment. There is no other place to go. You are experiencing inner peace. Your heart is dancing with contentment. Your words are spreading love. You are the source of inspiration. Your name is joy. Joy is virgin love.