He brought some food for the hungry beggar child. As soon as he saw it, his eyes lit up, and he gave a small shout of excitement. Looking at him, the kind man felt happy with himself. Joy of Giving.

The old woman was alone. Suddenly, she felt a knock on the door. Her neighbour entered. The neighbour spent the next 1 hour with the old woman. Suddenly, the old woman felt more chirpy, more happy. The neighbour felt an inner fulfillment at bringing joy to the old woman. Joy of Giving.

The teenage boy was entering into a depression. He suddenly felt life had no purpose. His father took him to his guru. The guru preached to the boy some simple life lessons in a most loving manner. Suddenly the boy felt inspired. He felt a new zeal to his life. The guru felt pleased he was able to help the boy. Joy of Giving.

One of life's great joys is in giving. When you expect, when you receive, you increase stress and pressure on yourself. You can relieve yourself of stress by giving. Give your wealth, love, time, knowledge, service, efforts, help, hope, smile, and any other thing which will bring joy to the other person. The joy you bring to the other person, you will feel multiples of that joy in you. You will feel a new energy in you. You will experience peace. Enjoy the :


Happy Joy of Giving week (Oct 2 to 8) !

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