When we judge, we claim our superiority. We claim that our way of thought is the correct one. In our daily life, we are constantly judging. The more we judge others, we accept that we will accept them less in their original form. Judgement leads to intolerance. Intolerance leads to hate. Judgement is the start.

To pass judgement on values, is to state the superiority of your values. It is good to cherish your values, and live by them. But it is a weakness to consider your value system as superior. Because once you feel superior, the very tone of your conversation will change. Humility will disappear. The tone in your voice will carry shades of pride, ego, and arrogance. You will sound bossy. Because now you are no more an equal. You have judged the other person. Your view is the correct and superior one. It's the end of true friendship. Judgement is the start.