When you act the way you feel, it's natural. When you act differently from what you feel, it's artificial. Natural behaviour has edge over artificial behaviour. Just be yourself.

Often, social etiquette demands certain types of behaviour. We have to pretend what we are not. We stop having fun. Because it's an act. Acting is not fun. Because it's not natural.

If you feel like smiling, and your parents told you to be serious in front of the guests, you would feel in an emotional prison. If you feel like dancing, and your religion demands austerity, you feel in a behavioural jail. If you feel like giving gifts to your friends, and your spouse raises her voice, you feel in a financial stranglehold. If you feel like going to the spa, and your family morality comes to the fore, you feel physically bonded.

Our hearts yearn. Sometimes, they desire, sometimes they lust. Guilt cannot be determined by society, but only by your conscience. If you feel your conscience is clean, go for it. Just be yourself.