Life is hectic. We are all running. We feel if we don't run like the rest, we will be left behind. Suddenly, this fast pace has given us a panic attack. Our heart is beating faster. We feel nervous, insecure. Speed always does this. Some may call it a thrill, but it comes with a danger. The danger of crashing. When your mind crashes, you have to stop running, just calm down.

When you calm down, silence is very important. You need to disconnect with the outside world, you need to connect with yourself. Silence is a medium. The best prayer, and meditation is silence. In silence, you don't worry about the future. You stop looking ahead. You think about your values. And you try to connect with your values. You analyse ways to connect with your values. Because only your values can give you inner strength. As you connect with them, you find yourself more calm, more peaceful. You have stopped running, you have stopped looking at others. Now your vision is not external, it's internal. It starts when you calm down.

Often, we talk too much. Everyone wants to express themselves. Often, it is loose talk. Words once uttered carry the weight of karma. We often don't realise the value of talking a bit less. And talking intimately. Our conversations lack human intimacy. They are often loud, and brash. We are seeking external stimuli. We are seeking excitement. This keeps at a constant threat for panic. Our life is on a razor's edge. This can't go on. We need peace, and stability. Just talk a bit less, talk with intimacy, and calm down.

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