There is a storm. The winds are strong, there is heavy rain. Wisdom says never to come in the way of a storm. You have to move away and step back.

Our lives keep getting hit by storms. Each storm is different. It tests us differently. A storm can cause damage. And it leaves behind with it after effects.

The storm caused by turbulent relationships leaves us mentally tattered. When someone heaps anger, insult on us - we strike back. The mutual shower of insult goes on and on. It's very disturbing. Our emotions are not stable anymore. What should we do?

When you are being showered insult, it's very easy if you allow all the insult to come. Just bear all the insult. Be calm, be patient. Soon the attacker will run out of all weapons to throw. He has used all his weapons. And have faith, he will respect you in sometime. He will realise your humanity, that when you were being abused, you did not react. You buried your ego and your forgiving spirit shone like a star in the sky. So, next time you are abused, don't fight the battle, just step back.