The dead don't exist in our worldly lives. They have left us. We miss the presence of some close, special, near, and dear ones. But to miss what we can't have, is to cause unnecessary grief on ourselves. We can't grieve over their loss. We can't suffer. We can relive the lovely memories we have of them. We can learn lessons from the virtues in their lives. Keep memories of the dead.

Every life has a lesson. Some lessons teach us goodness, others teach us the lesson to stay away from the wrong. A life is a lesson. The dead are a lesson. Lessons are learnt through reviving memories. Keep memories of the dead.

Many of the dead, particularly our forefathers and close friends, have been of great service, and help to us. They have sacrificed a lot to see our happiness. Dedicate something in your life to them. That's a small way to express gratitude. Keep memories of the dead.

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