He was down with high fever, he was very weak. His fever had not subsided for 5 days. His family and friends were worried. A friend came to visit him after his 6th day of fever. He sat on the bed next to him. He held his hand to give him moral support. He gave to his friend the most beautiful, beaming smile. Even this high fever could not dull his internal, positive spirit, the spirit reflected in a winning smile. A smile always wins, it can never lose. Keep smiling.

A smile is the most beautiful expression on a human face. It shows internal joy, and happiness. It is found on the faces of peaceful, and positive people. Sometimes, we are having a tense, serious conversation, and then suddenly there is a smile, and in that moment we instantly feel all the tension in the environment fly away. A smile is God's gift. It is the magic weapon used by man to connect to the heart of another. This connection is pure, filled with love, soulful. A deep smile never lies. It's a reflection of pure, unblemished, blissful love.

People who have more internal peace and energy smile more often. But let's invert our thinking. Let's try and feel more peaceful by smiling more often. Your smile will make people around you feel better, more loved, more happy. But that same happiness you give others will be multiplied to you. Your goodness comes back to you in multiples. It's simple karma. Drop the calculator, don't put calculations in your smile, use only the deep love in your heart from within. Keep smiling.

Happy World Smile Day (Oct 6) !

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