Keep The Faith

He sent several messages over the past 3 days to his friend. The What's App ticker showed that his friend had read the messages but still not replied. He recalled that he had a heated political discussion with his friend 4 days ago. He wondered if that was the trigger to him being ignored. Their friendship was more than 15 years old, and it was deep, caring, and mature. For the foundation of the friendship to be affected due to an outside political discussion seemed very difficult for him to accept. He knew this could not be possible. So, he decided to rely on his human instinct, and instead of reacting in anger, he decided to keep the faith.

In life, our relationships are often subject to different levels of turbulence. Sometimes the turbulence is so severe, that we are gripped with deep fear, that the relationship will crash. Have you noticed how you act when you are feeling fear ? You suddenly become passive, silent, still, non-responsive, and egoless. Fear destroys your ego because fear makes you feel weak. This should be our same attitude when attacked with the threat to our relationship. We should never take the other person for granted. There are strong winds, and currents, our faith is being tested, being shaken. Become calm. Because every storm subsides. If you create another major storm by non-thoughtful utterances, this double turbulence could prove fatal with certainty. Be sure that the plane of the relationship has been built with adequate strength to withstand turbulences. This too shall pass. Don't add fuel to the fire of misunderstanding. Keep the faith.

Human mind is prone to doubts, suspicions. Let's assume we decide not to doubt. Then, we may stop ascribing ulterior motives. We will not question the intentions of the other person. We call such people as naive, they see goodness in everything. These naive people are innocent, child like. They don't understand the world of deceit, they live their life on a fairy land. They may get cheated sometimes, but they attract many good people around them too. They are easy to be trusted, because they don't understand doubt easily. In normal cases, its so difficult for many people to win the trust of a new person. They try so hard explaining their sincerity. Wouldn't it help to be a little naive, a little innocent ? You don't need to convince others, because people relate to you in a different way, in the way of the fairy land. For that, you need to doubt less, suspect less, and keep the faith.

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