Laughter Is Not The Best Medicine

They were partying. Everyone was cracking jokes. The music was soft, alcohol flowing, spirits high, but intelligence low. Amidst this normal party scene, there was plenty of laughter. But there was something very superficial about this laughter. It was shallow. There was no depth. This laughter was crude. The humour was crude, the language loud and rude. Such a scene robbed the inherent spirituality of those in it. Intimacy was missing. This laughter was a poison, it was far from being a medicine.

Most of our laughter is not innocent. It involves some gossip, some nastiness. It's animal like. It's not pure. It's mean. It puts others down. Such intellectual bestiality can hardly be considered a medicine. The laughter we see around us is inhuman, mean, shallow, and painful most of the time. It cannot be considered a medicine for depressed minds.

The laughter of the soul is best expressed in silence. In the silence of contentment and gratitude. When words are used as a catalyst for laughter, it is external. It's depth is missing. The deepest laughter is internal, it comes from inner realisation. Words are not needed, people are not needed, only an awakening of our inner awareness. Inner laughter sings the tunes of love, positivity, and values. It does not need expression. The manifested external laughter may miss these attributes, hence may not always be the best medicine.