The conductor waves his wand. Each movement of the wand is a message for the musicians. Each musician receives his message from the conductor. The conductor needs perfect timing. Or else the music will simply be some ugly noise. Leadership is an orchestra.

Leaders need to inspire. But inspiration needs to be followed with sincere, hard work. The work of ensuring perfect co-ordination with his team. Each team member needs to perform not individually, but as a group. Leadership is team work, leadership is an orchestra.

Leaders need charisma, they say. Charisma is not measured by outspoken, bold, brazen mannerisms. Gentleness, and humility too has charisma. This actually is the ace card of leadership. When the movements of the wand are not overly aggressive, but rhythmically fluent, it creates a more calming and meditative effect on the band. A good leader understands this. Leadership needs the right orchestration. Leadership is an orchestra.

Leaders need to be brave. When performing the buck stops with them. Failure is their fault. The blame cannot be shifted. To ensure success, they need to carry their team technically and emotionally. That's the basic of leadership. Leadership is a performance to an audience. Leadership is an orchestra.

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