Inspirational people have a magical charisma about them. They are energetic, positive, and ready to solve any problem. Someone who meets them leaves them with a smile on their faces. They connect to the soul. And through this connection they inspire into the other person the goodness of humanity. The other person develops faith in humanity. He leaves fresh, and energised. Leave people better than when you found them.

Your worth in this world is only the worth others find in you. You can be of worth only if you are willing to help, willing to love, and willing to be positive and enjoy. You can't hide your reality behind a veil. People see your worth in sometime and when they sense that worth they elevate you in your heart. Then it will not matter if this world will elevate you or not, but you will be elevated in the hearts of men. That happens only when you leave people better than you found them.

You don't need many people who approach you for help. But do you try to really help ? Or helping and going out of the way is too tough. Till you don't have a passion to help, you will not experience true inner joy. It's only in service of humanity do you truly rise in your inner self. Leave people better than when you found them.