Pollution is affecting our lives. Whether it's the smog in Delhi, or the dirty river water, pollution is nearly everywhere. Our injustice to nature has caused this. Nature is giving its punch back.

There are different types of pollution and each needs to be addressed differently.

The conflict between economics and environment is continuously scratching our minds.

Environment protection & preservation has a cost. Let's pay this cost. Because we deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, less noise strain on our ears, clean land & soil for our crops. This should be our right. To enjoy this right, we might have to sacrifice a little of money's might.

There is another type of pollution. The pollution of the mind. When the mind gets messed up due to anger, hatred, violence, jealousy, and ego, it destroys our internal mental balance. Let's clean our minds.

Let's be clean !

Happy World Pollution Prevention Day (Dec 2) !