Life Is A Celebration

A few short years we pass through planet earth. Still we crave for hunger of achievement, glory, and success under the human sun. We feel this will give us respect, this will give us happiness, this will give us security. This type of respect is false, this type of happiness is an illusion, this type of security can never exist. The biggest truth in life is death, the biggest lesson is that life is to be enjoyed in the present, to be celebrated.

Life is a celebration. To enjoy this celebration, our mind needs to be at rest, at peace. Our hearts need to be drowned in love, drowned with sheer joy, and wishing for itself never to emerge out of this drowning, out of this love. Our interactions with people are peaceful, loving, caring, and giving. Our human sensitivity is at the highest level. We feel immense depth in our every moment. This is the depth of purity, and love. We can perceive with this depth. We understand deeply. Our intellects are deeply evolved. Our emotions enjoy the joy of living. Life is a celebration.

The greatest celebrations don't need an external stimuli. You don't need to smoke, or drink, or have drugs to feel you are celebrating. These are false, external clutches where we pretend to celebrate. We fail to achieve true, internal celebration but we are desperate to celebrate. So, we have no option, we seek it externally. For those who know how to constantly produce their internal celebration in their living moments, their life is a testament to their humanity. They revel in their intellectual depth, they celebrate the problems, they think deeply. They are able to do this because they are calm, they are sure of their values, beliefs, and principles. They cannot be shaken by human disturbances. It's too irrelevant. Their emotions emit love, compassion, and positivity. They don't feel the pressure of ambitions nor the strain of normal stress. They enjoy every living moment. For them life is a celebration.