He looked forward to his holidays. He could sleep late, laze around, listen to music, feel meaningless, do what he pleased, and be relaxed. But his daily work routine was not that. It was just the opposite. It was goal oriented, stressful, and quick paced. There was more tension on the work days, but they were less boring also. That was the paradox - more stress, but more activity, and maybe more fun.

We often mistake activity as being more enjoyable. But, the activity we refer to here is external. This external activity acts as a crutch for internal boredom. But instead if our mind had internal activity and joy, we would be content in our internal state. We then would not need to rely on something external to fill this void. We lose internal meaning when we lose our harmony with our conscience. The tuning is lost. Our conscience gets numbed. Love is depleted. The soul cries in this foreign state. Life feels like a hard grind of a tough work day. We feel burdened, and are unable to enjoy the freedom of our spirit.

Life in reality has very little meaning to achieve. Because all worldly achievements are external, and an external aid cannot be relied upon. Can you rely upon your wealth to enjoy peace of mind ? One is external, the other internal. We cannot build a bridge between the 2. There can be no link. To cherish internal joy needs internal food. The food of love, service, and human values. This is the food of the soul. It gives nourishment to the soul. When this happens, the burden of daily existence is put on the back burner, and we feel free, life feels like a holiday.