A flute is a traditional Indian musical instrument. A flute is circular, long, with few holes. It produces melodious music when played by expert flutists. The flutists needs to blow air from the top, which goes through the tube, and then through the movement of the fingers on the holes, different types of sounds get produced.

A flute resembles life. Only an expert flutist can produce the right musical notes. Only an expert in managing his emotions, can lead a happy life. From the holes, air comes out. Sometimes these holes are blocked by the finger. It requires a wise man to know when to release the pressure in life when it is building up and when to hold back.

Only the perfect harmony between fingers with the right amount of air blown produces the best music. Only a man who has practiced the art of living over many years can call his life a musical odyssey. The holes in the flute are essential for the notes. The holes represent pressure points in life which are essential to make us tougher.

Sometimes the notes are high pitch, sometimes low pitch. In life, sometimes we are energetic and at other times with lower energy or simply just calm. The pitch of the note matters less, the music matters more. The outward manifestation of your energy or behavior matters less, the inner peace matters more. Life is like a flute.

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