Your body has a mouth. The mouth we are referring is your health. Sometimes this mouth is silent, because the health is perfect. At times, the mouth shouts. Because your health has deteriorated dangerously and is nervous, and seeking help. But before this shouting begins, your body starts whispering. This is the crucial time. It is the bridge where good health is travelling into a critical condition. Listen to your body when it whispers.

The body whispers in many forms. In every form of whisper, don't get worried. If there is a medical condition, be calm, and relaxed. Be prepared to accept. But be scientific. Don't ignore science. Get to the bottom. Seek proper advice. Diagnose the issue. Ignorance is not bliss, instead it could be death. Never ignore the whisper of your body. Listen to your body when it whispers.

Sometimes, the body is seeking sensual pleasures. The internal urge is developing. It has to be satisfied, not suppressed. Because after the urge or the desire is fulfilled, it no more exists. Listen to your body when it whispers.

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