My best friend told me a very deep secret of his. It was so confidential that except me he would not tell anyone in the whole world. I was his soulmate, I was fully trusted, so he told me. His secret was a treasure of his trust he gave to me. I must fulfil this trust. I must bury the secret deep in my heart. I must 1st bury it, then put a lock on the grave, and then throw the key in the Indian Ocean. Now, the treasure my friend gave me will be kept safely with me forever without breaking trust. That's the only way a secret should be dealt with.

Secrets are often embarrassing. If they come out in the open, they can expose people. When I refer to secrets, I am talking of secrets at a personal level only. Secrets at a personal level must be protected as if our life depends on it. We should hide the weaknesses and the sins of our fellow human beings. It's no use having a loose mouth, gossiping and putting others down. Guard secrets. Because they are a test of your humanity.

What would you feel if you had told someone something in confidence and suddenly you found 10 people talking about it? You would feel your trust is betrayed. You would feel cheated. In the same way that you wish not to feel hurt, don't hurt others by spilling their beans. When you put a cloth to guard the secrets of your friends, the Lord above will put his cloth to cover yours. It's karma. Guard secrets. It shows the goodness of your humanity. In return, you will get a protective shield guarding your secrets.