Love can do what fear cannot !

In love, people automatically care for your welfare. In fear, you need to control people if you wish them to work for your welfare. Love is the carrot, fear the stick. In love there is joy, in fear there is pain. Love & fear rule through opposition mechanisms .

Love gives freedom, fear denies it. Love is secure in its methods, fear insecure.

The one who works through love enjoys inner peace, while the one operating through fear lives in nervous tension. Love creates team-work, fear creates panic. Love is calm, relaxed, & deep. Fear is nervous, tense, & shallow. Love is the natural ruler, fear is the ruler through pretense. Fear can’t match the skill of love, hence it has no choice but to rely on fear. Love is the ultimate weapon which conquers hearts, & unites them. Hence, fear suffers from this insecurity because it’s arsenal cannot enter the deeper recesses of the heart. Love is the king, fear a stubborn slave.

Love can do what fear cannot !

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