Love Can Make You Weak

They were deeply in love. Then suddenly, the intensity of love felt by her weakened. She could no more either feel the same depth or express it to her partner. Her initial infatuation, and attraction which converted to deep love was now going back a reverse cycle. She was fine that her love had lessened. It did not make much difference to her. But he was feeling the pangs of indifference, lack of attention, and feeling. He was not being able to handle this subtle rejection. His love for her had made him a servant to his expectations from her. His love had made him weak.

We have often extolled on the great virtues of love. But love can be a two edged sword. When we are in the process of giving and spreading love, we become strong. And when we are a beggar to the expectations from our lover, we become weak. The giving of love is strength, the expectations from love is weakness. Pure love only gives without expectation, that's why it's called pure. But this purity gets polluted with the corruption of our selfish expectations. Our ego is the root of our selfishness. It needs a false massage to make it believe it has worth. Pure love gets dirty with the dirt of the ego. Love becomes weak. The stronger the ego in love, the more weak it can make you potentially. In fact, it is the cause of suicide amongst lovers.

Pure love is secure. Because it enjoys in its process of giving. Giving is independence. You don't have to depend on anyone. This independence gives it the security. Dependence is weakness. Because it's not in your hands, you have to depend on someone else. When you are dependent on the expectations from your lover, you are weak, you are a receiver, you are a servant. A servant is always at mercy of the master. The giver is the master, the receiver the servant. When your love assumes the shape of a receiver, you assume the role of a servant dependent on the whims and fancies of the master, this love can make you weak.

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