Love Does Not Need An Address

She was Miss Universe. A beauty. Tall, fair, and lovely. She was the fantasy of men. There was no shortage of suitors for her. All these men proposed to her because their love knew an address. Their address was her beauty. If this address was not there, would she still receive proposals ? Maybe not.

Love is the DNA of your heart. Love is your hearts' master. Love is pure. It cares, shares, and gives without any reason, or expectation. When love has a reason, or expectation, then love gets polluted. It becomes impure. It then has an address. The address defines the reason to love. It uses intellect to define its love. Intellect always has a purpose, and a reason. This causes the corruption of love.

Pure love is pure beauty. It only gives. It is joyful in giving. It cares because it does not know anything else. Pure love is not situational. It is permanent. Pure love has no road, no direction. It's content in its own existence. Pure love is not tempted by greed of the address of beauty, lust, money, power, fame, etc. It is pure, you can't tempt it. Hence, love does not need an address.

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