Love is an act of giving. It is pure. It is to care for others. Loyalty is an act of discipline. It demands. It is about receiving. When loyalty is defined in set terms, it gets detached from love. Love is free, loyalty is a jail. Love flies where it wants. Loyalty defines only the set route. The 2 are opposite. Love has no loyalty.

Love is a feeling. Feelings represent the movement of water. Always fluid and changing. Can you put a boundary to your feelings ? Can you define this boundary in advance ? It's impossible. Love has no loyalty.

Often love is a decision, not a feeling alone. When love is a decision it is not pure love, it is more of a decision. A decision can have loyalty. But pure love can't. Because it's a mere feeling of the present. It's future is unknown. Loyalty has a future. Love has none. It lives in the present. Love has no loyalty.

Love can't promise. Loyalty is a promise. Love is a free bird, it has no idea of its direction. Loyalty has defined its roadmap. The 2 are opposite. They can't meet. Love has no loyalty.