The Pacific Ocean is the world's deepest ocean. At its shallowest point, it is at the beach, or sea level. The Challenger Deep, is its deepest point, some 36,000 feet deep. This ocean has similarities to the emotion of love.

Love is often just a lip-service. But sometimes can reach the depth of Challenger Deep. When love reaches that depth, it can even sacrifice its life for its beloved. Like the ocean, love has different depths. It also has different temperatures. Sometimes, love is warm, and caring and sometimes love gets hurt, it takes its revenge by being cold or indifferent.

A water in the ocean is so fluid, there are waves, there are currents. It's in constant movement. The emotion of love is constantly emitting it's varying degrees of warmth to its surroundings. Sometimes, there is a storm in the ocean caused by heavy rain, and high winds. In the same way, the strength of love gets threatened by hurt, insult, and anger. The calm, and quiet joy in which love resided has for sometime become inherently unstable and turbulent. Once the storm will pass, love will regain its relaxed, and quiet composure.

Often, we love going to the beach. And one of the best parts of going to a beach is going into the sea water. The sea water has little bit more dare-devilry attached to it than a swimming pool water. When you enter the sea, you sometimes feel the sea slipping from under your feet. At times, you feel the fear of being pulled out into the open sea without your able to control. The middle of the sea is a bit dangerous if you are unable to swim back to the shore safely. Love is similar, it is an adventure, much like swimming in the sea.

To touch and reach the depth of Challenger Deep is virtually impossible. One can only measure it through scientific instruments. The pressure of water is too great, the darkness is total, the dangers unlimited. If any man tries to reach the depth of Challenger Deep, it means he is willing to put his love to the ultimate challenge. He is willing to sacrifice everything including his life just to feel a glimpse, and touch of his beloved at its greatest depth. It is the love of fearless bravery, and unmatched boldness. However, quite often we simply enjoy soaking our legs in the water when we are on the beach. In other words, we simply enjoy flirting a bit, deep love is a bit scary for most of us. We may end up losing everything. To swim in the sea of love, you can select the location. Some locations are more safe, but they give very limited joy, and others are more risky, where the joys are also greater. An ocean's depth reflects love's. Love has varying depths.