Love Is Not Blind

He thought about her a lot. His thoughts had deep care, and affection. He felt protective of her. He felt she belonged to him. When he talked to her, he talked with extra gentleness, care, and sensitivity. He made sure he would not say or do anything to hurt her. The love he felt within was not a feeling alone, it seemed he could reason his love. His love was not blind.

Love is blind only for the 3rd person who cannot understand the romantic magnetism between 2 people. They can't fathom the logic of the love. Can you understand the thinking why love exists between a rich and a poor person ? If they say birds of a feather flock together, then what is the explanation of this ? For the outsider who is not an insider to this love relationship, he will simply say that love is blind.

But in reality for the 2 lovers, love can never be blind. Lovers understand each other perfectly. They talk to each other with gentle intimacy. They sense the need of the other. They understand their lovers' thought. They can see through their lover, which in reality is a blind spot for the rest of humanity. Lovers are never blind to each other. They see their lover with wisdom, they share their pain and joy, at the very same time. They have a 6th sense about their lover. When lovers feel with such depth, see with such penetration, and understand with such compassion, it is the purest reflection of the brightness of love. This is a shine where the seal of love's purity is engraved which says - "love is not blind".

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