Love feels safe. It is secure. It comforts the lover. Because it is soft, caring, and intimate. When love starts feeling insecure, the intimacy, the depth is missing. It no more is love. Ego has come in the middle. It no more is a pure act of giving, it is now about your identity. Your identity seeks love. Love is now insecure.

Love makes a mistake when it seeks perfection from its lover. Every lover is imperfect. To give love to imperfection shows the breadth of the lover's giving. When you can love imperfection, your love is secure.

Love should not feel restless, or anxious. Love should have faith. But we often show doubts, lack of faith in our love. Suddenly, we fire an arrow of doubt at our lover, and it punctures the heart. The wound may heal, but the scar remains. Love needs faith, then love is secure.

Often, love becomes a transaction. It seeks to own. It feels wherever it gives it has a right to ownership. This love is possessive. It seeks to buy love through giving. This giving is conditional. Love is insecure.

To enjoy love, it needs to be secure. Such love is calm, and collected. It does not seek to prove its love nor does it ask for proof of love from others. It's proofless. When love does not seek reasons, or explanations, it moves from insecure to secure. Then, love is secure.