Love Is Silent

When he sat next to his lover, it seemed words disappeared. There was silence. But this was not a nervous silence, or a silence filled with tension. This was a silence which had full understanding. This silence was calm, meditative. This silence did not feel uncomfortable in its silence. It neither felt the pressure to come out of its present state. This was the silence of love.

When love touches deep depth, words become unnecessary. Words are used only to explain. What is there to explain, where explanation is not needed anymore, where there is only understanding. But even silence speaks. Not with words. But through intuitive penetration. The common sharing of this intuition is expressed through the silence of love.

When strangers start a conversation, just see how much they need to talk to understand each other. They use so many words. These words are needed to create an understanding between the 2. To ignite a spark of love. This ignition needs words. Silence is never the start. Silence is the end. When love reaches its end, its deepest point, it becomes silent. Silence in love is not absence of communication. It is absence of the need to communicate. The deepest love is always the most secure. It's so deep it can't be removed. It is removed from the noise of mistrust, and doubt. This love sings in its internal joy. It's song only it can hear because this love is silent.

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