Love Yourself

We have been told to love thy neighbour. We have been told to care for others, help others, be sensitive, be compassionate, be loving. We are told to transmit our love to others. But here we miss an important lesson. Loving others comes way later in the equation of love. The seed of love has to start only with yourself. The starting point of love is not others, it is yourself. Love yourself.

To love yourself is neither selfish, greedy, or egoist. It's not about pride at all. When you love yourself, it shows you feel good about yourself. It reflects your positive self esteem. It is the foundation of your inner peace. You feel peaceful because you view your own self with love, care, and positivity. It's not selfishness to love yourself, instead it's the main pillar of spirituality.

When you experience inner peace, you have love for yourself. Love means sensitivity. Sensitivity to human emotions. You handle your internal emotions with sensitivity. This same sensitivity which starts from within then gets transmitted to others. You start showing that love to others. The circle of your love moves from within you to the outside world. The strength of your self love gives it the necessary fuel, knowledge, and experience to expand its scope to the close ones and then to more people and finally to the entire humanity. For that to happen, you destroy your biases and judgements and paint the entire humanity with the pure, white paint of love. The absence of guilt, and feeling the contentment of inner peace indicates the highest form of self love. When this happens the whole of humanity becomes your lover. All creation appears beautiful. You are so much in love with yourself, that you see a reflection of your purity in everyone. It's pure love.

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