It seems as if loyalty is being tested. The question - do you pass the loyalty test ? Are you loyal ? But why does loyalty need a test in the 1st place ? Do we belong to someone ? And do we need to show proof of that ?

We belong to the universe. That's where we came from, that's where we will return. So any loyalty should be directed towards the universal unity. All other loyalties bow to a certain falsehood, or an illusion.

Between a man and woman, if there is physical fidelity, we say there is loyalty. But, what about emotional fidelity ? The change of tides test our loyalties. But, in reality there is nothing to be tested. Where men cannot claim ownership over men, they cease to claim the right to loyalty. It hardly matters if there is loyalty of mind or body, because loyalty is not a badge of truth.

The badge of truth is love. Not loyalty. Loyalty is irrelevant. We belong to no one. We are simply a flower of love. When this flower blooms and spreads its fragrance around, no one can claim the fragrance belonged to him. You can't put a claim on love. Loyalty is then simply a statement.