A celebration is fun. There is nothing serious about it. You become childish. You have fun. You crack jokes. You even joke about yourself. Ego suddenly does not matter. Only, if we could celebrate every day, every moment. Then, life would be a celebration.

We attach too much importance to goals. Our behavior needs to be holier than thou. Our humanity suddenly gets robotised like a machine. We lose the freedom to express. We can't celebrate.

If you wish to celebrate, don't try to be correct, instead try be funny. Celebration is not about facts, it is about fun. Do you remember the days of your childhood ? Nearly every moment was a celebration. There was innocence in your breath. Let there be a level of purity, and humanity in your celebration - it should not put other people down with insult. That's not celebration, that's crude humour.

Life is short. It's meaning unknown. The only meaning you will feel are those near orgasmic moments when you lose ego, feel total love, and enjoy the pure fun, and innocence of the present moment. You will then dance with the bliss of celebration. Enjoy the present to the maximum. Make life a celebration.