A mirror reflects simply what's in front of it. It reflects without corruption, or pollution. A man's heart reflects his emotions, and feelings. The mind can think, and reason. It is for intelligence. But the heart is the central place where a man can govern his interactions with others. It is the place where each person's humanity resides. Make your heart your mirror.

In life you can choose to make your mind the master, or your heart the master. The mind people are a bit cold, calculating, and lack the human touch. They are mechanical. The heart people are governed by their feelings. They swim in the ocean of their sentiments. It's a more natural way of living. Because you don't have to put the barrier of your intelligence to decide what to do. You simply do what you feel. Make your heart your mirror.

A mirror does not lie. It reflects truthfully what it sees. Your heart can't lie. Because feelings capture everything. They capture your joy, your positivity, your pain, your hurt. Follow the truth. Follow your heart. Make your heart your mirror.