Silence is a beautiful state. The clutter of noise is gone. Sit in an enclosed room with no disturbance, no volume. Here you will enjoy the beauty of the stillness of silence. Silence is still. It suddenly feels everything has stopped for a moment. It is the natural state of prayer, and meditation. Our anxiety, and restlessness needs to become still, become calm. This is what silence achieves. When lover's reach their peak of understanding, they speak only through whispers, and silence. Words are not needed, because silence is the language of intimacy, the language of lovers.

Silence is motionless, and still, and it's natural state is mild. The motion of silence has no aggression, hence we call it mild. With aggression, you create distance. When people are aggressive with each other, they are distant. They are loud, uncaring, and distant. These attributes turn opposite when people are mild with each other. Mildness means caring. Mildness wears the clothing of love, and affection. Mildness is very personal, and intimate. Mildness has the potential to connect with the soul.

We often feel that if we are more forceful in our way of expression it will be more effective. We teach our salesmen to be aggressive. We are missing a very important point here. When we use the path of strength, we in reality diminish our strength. We stop being human. We lose the human touch. We become inhuman, somewhat animal like. Strength is the language of the weak. Force is the tool used by cowards. Those who don't have the purity, or the skill to use love, retreat to inhuman tactics. Otherwise love is enough to feel bliss within. And when it is communicated, it's tone is mildness. Hence, mildness has greater power.