There were 7 hats. Each had a different shape, and a different colour. Inspite of their differences, they could easily sit on the same head. When the person was wearing that particular hat, it felt that the hat he wore perfectly fit with him. It was a miracle of sorts how each hat so different fit so perfectly well on the same head.

The hat represents the different roles we have in life. The head represents ourself. In life we are sometimes are a father, at other times a son, at another time an uncle, at another time a friend, and so on. Our roles keep changing. With the smoothness of a snake we adapt from 1 role to another. Most of us can do this with alacrity. But few find it tough.

When wearing a hat, you need to disconnect yourself from the head. You have to stop thinking of yourself, your identity. You have to only think of the hat, the role you are playing. When you are able to identify yourself with the role, then you will merge into it with ease. Be focused on the hat, not the head. Once you do that you will be able to change hats with ease. And you will feel at ease wearing any hat.

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