The thing that can give you gain, can give you pain also. Friends are life's blessings. When you want to have fun, dial a friend. When you are sad, your friend's shoulder is always there. When you need help, go 1st to your friend. Something which is so precious, can give us immense pleasure, joy, and support. But if the equation goes wrong, the pain is deep.

Friends are our emotional mirrors. When we feel happy, and we look at them, they feel happy. When they are happy, and they look at us, then we feel happy. Both are mirrors of each other. You see a reflection of yourself in your friend. Hence, friends understand each other. That is the essence of friendship.

We now have come to expect understanding from our friends. It's because of this quality we have termed them as our friend. This is our expectation. The expectation that our friends will understand us. Now, if this expectation is not met, we feel hurt, we feel pain. The pain of friendship can be deep. When you are hit by this arrow of pain, remove yourself out of the issue that caused you the pain. Just get away from the whole thing. After all, you can't take revenge on your friend. You can drop your ego, not think who is right, and forgive. Your friendship is more important than your ego. If you live by this philosophy you will experience only the gain in friendship, not the pain.

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