My Glory Is Yours

He received another Award. It was covered in the press. Many congratulatory messages were sent to him. He rose higher in the pedestal of fame. Many looked upto him. Like a role model. His clothes were called "glory".

In life, each of us has moments of glory. Some achieve it amongst a larger, public eye, others shine in the private sphere. Glory means the recognition of your achievement. We all achieve something. Some part of our potential always bears fruit. And at some point is recognised. We feel good about this. As if now we have found a rightful place in this world. These moments of glory give us a feeling of elation.

But this elation has 2 possible emotions - belongingness and loneliness. Belongingness happens when we share our glory with others, we attribute it to others, and others feel happy about it. Loneliness happens in the opposite case. We feel alone in our glory. And there is jealousy all around. Because even though you are crowned with glory, the people around you did not love you.

Glory is attributed to an individual. But the individual is a product of a society. And the society a product of humanity. And humanity belongs to the Creator, God. So who is the owner of glory ? The ultimate owner of glory is only God. The one who keeps himself aware of this will ensure the breath of his glory will have the fragrance of humility. So, the next time you get glorified or are shining with glory, close your eyes and say to yourself 7 times, "my glory is Yours".

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