My Leader Was Unjust

We expect perfection from our leaders. Perfect justice is also part of this perfection. Justice is the hallmark of good leadership. But to expect it to be perfect is setting the benchmark too high. When people are imperfect, how can leadership be perfect, justice be perfect ?

It's not only the failing of the leader, it's the failing of the people to put human leadership on a divine scale. Humans may exhibit traces of divinity, but can never be fully divine. Because humanity and divinity are separate, though at times they may flirt with each other.

There is only 1 justice in the entire world which is fully divine, fully perfect - it's called karma. It can never go wrong, can never cheat or deceive. The scales of this justice make the human striving for virtue worthwhile. So the next time you are feeling the effect of injustice from your leader, just contemplate a bit, because the injustice being done at a human level will balance itself out beautifully at the divine level. Have faith in the perfect justice of karma. Don't wallow in the sad pain of your leader's injustice, because karmic justice will bring you back your smile in the future. All it needs is faith and patience. The same cause of your pain yesterday will be the cause of your joy tomorrow.